TrueMU, alongside fellow Team Crafted members, battled the Yogscast in Team Crafted vs Yogscast. He voiced himself and was portrayed by his Minecraft skin.

Information on the RapperEdit

Jason Probst (His DJ name is Stokes), known on YouTube as Minecraft Universe is a centralized Minecraft YouTube channel. It originally consisted of him and Branson; the latter's departure from the duo left Jason as the channel's sole representive. As of now the channel has over 2 Million subscribers. Jason is a member of Team Crafted. Many people think his last name is Parks but as he stated on Twitter and music videos, it was a hoax . He is 19 years old, and lives in California, but is originally from Grapevine, Texas and attended Grapevine High School before graduating in 2013. Jason owns a white Aston Martin Rapide, a feat achievable due to his highly profitable Youtube channel.