Through Your Eyes
Season 1, Episode 8
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Through Your Eyes is the eighth episode of The Alan 10 Adventures.


[Richard is seen running into a warehouse, being followed by Gutrot and Alexis. Gutrot and Alexis get into a large room, to see Richard standing on a ledge, smirking evilly.]

Gutrot: Give it up, Richard. It’s over.

Richard: On the contrary, brother, it’s only just beginning. Meet my accomplice.

[Gearo stepped out of the shadows.]

Alexis: Wait, Gearo and Richard are working together?

Gutrot: Well, that would explain his Simplicitrix.

Richard: [turns to Gearo] Turn on the machine, Doctor.

[Gearo nodded, then pulled down the sheet behind them, revealing a large machine. Gearo went to the side, and began working at the controls. Two blue beams shot out, one to Gutrot, one to Alexis. Richard’s evil grin grew wider.]

Gearo: [working at controls, sees a light flashing] Uh… oh…

Richard: [loses grin] What do you mean… “uh oh”?

Gearo: Well… [nervous] we won’t have the intended results but.. they will still be extremely slowed down.

Richard: [angry] I told you to eliminate them, not slow them down!

[The beams threw Gutrot and Alexis in opposite directions. Gutrot landed in an alley, transforming back. Alexis landed on the ground outside town. She got up, but when she spoke, it wasn’t her talking.]

Alan: Alright…. Now it’s my tur- Ow ow ow ow…. Why are my pants so tight… [looks down at body] I… I… Oh lawd…


Alan: Please tell me this is just some sort of bad dream...

[His eyes flickered blue, and his head ached. He held his head to try to ease the pain.]

Alan: No… Succubus powers… Right… Not.. used to them… Ugh… So if I’m in Alexis’ body then…. That means…. Oh no…

[Alexis was shown in the alleyway, frantically slapping Alan’s face that she was now in, mainly in the sideburn areas.]

Alexis: What the hell is on my face? [looks down at body] Great I’m Alan… Wait… I got the alien junk, don’t I… Damnit…

[Alexis looked at her wrist, studying the Simplicitrix.]

Alexis: How does he even use this thing? Hm….

[Alan is shown walking to town, his eyes continuously flickering between brown and blue.]

Alan: Need… to get back… to own... body… [grunts] Agh… how does Alexis… control this… hunger…

[A black figure dropped down in front of him. When the figure stood up, it was revealed to be Gearo.]

Alan: Gearo…

Gearo: That… Was unexpected. I did not realize the two of you would be… swapped. Nevermind. It just allows me to kill you quicker.

Alan: Not today…

Gearo: What will you do? Your girlfriend is weak, and you’re trapped in her body.

Alan: Well see… Only half of that is right… cause she’s not my girlfriend....

[Gearo lunged forward. Alan smacked at his face, leaving three gold streaks on Gearo.]

Alan: [eyes wide, looks at nails] Guess these things are actually good for something.

Gearo: [holding wounds] You will pay for this….

Alan: [eyes glow blue, voice is deeper and echoey] That’s what you think.

[Alan grabbed onto Gearo, their bodies began to glow blue. Blue energy from Gearo went to Alan, causing Gearo to faint, and Alan stood, breathing heavily. His voice was still altered.]

Alan: I.. I don’t wanna know how or why that worked… Wait... If I had to deal with Gearo.. then that means... [eyes widen, runs towards town].

[Alexis is walking through alleys while messing with the Simplicitrix. Richard stepped out in front of her.]

Alexis: Oh, great. You.

Richard: Oh, well, isn’t that lovely. Nomaly and his girlfriend within each others bodies. Wonderful.

Alexis: I’m.. not his girlfriend.

Richard: If you say so…

[Richard pressed down on his Simplicitrix, turning into a blue version of Rath with a black and white outfit and aqua eyes.]

Alexis: Oh come on… Rath? Of all the ten aliens…

Negative Rath: I’m not even finished yet, Alexis Dwyer! My Simplicitrix has a function thingy that my brother’s lacks. Mine can make Rath become something bigger and more powerful, since that’s apparently possible. If Rath was in a situation where he couldn’t fight, then this would be the thing to do.

[The Negative Simplicitrix glowed. A wave of energy began going over Negative Rath’s body. His fur began to turn white. His arms grew bigger, with straps over the wrists, and grew an extra claw on each hand. His legs grew more muscular. A black jacket with blue eyes appeared on his chest. He became hunched over, with his upper back covered in black fur and spikes. His face became altered. His belt was now white with black spikes. The Negative Simplicitrix was on his chest with spike-like growths coming out of it.]

Ultimate Rath: Meet… Ultimate Rath! The Appoplexian DNA sample has been altered, to fit the worst case scenario. None of your aliens will be able to stop me, not like you know how to use them in the first place.

[Ultimate Rath slammed on the ground in front of Alexis, causing her to fall back. When she landed on the ground, the Simplicitrix was accidentally activated, transforming her into Nanomech.]

Nanomech: Nanomech? Well, I guess if it gets me away from Mr. Tiger-Yeti here…

[Nanomech began to fly off.]

Ultimate Rath: HEY! WHERE’D YOU GO?!

[Nanomech flew around a few buildings into a different alley, leaving Ultimate Rath to be confused, and even more aggravated.]

Nanomech: [sighs] How does Alan get used to this?

[Alan was shown just entering into town, eyes now glowing bright blue. He runs into an alley, breathing heavily. Nanomech is shown landing and transforming back in a different alley. Alexis was breathing heavily.]

Alexis: I figured this would be a bit more glamorous…

Gearo: That is the problem with you humans. [walks in front of Alexis] You lot are always thinking subjectively, from your own point of view, never from the point of view. Exactly why I created that, so that the user could see through the eyes of another, see how they live. Unfortunately, no one seems to understand that. Not you or Nomaly.

[Alexis backed up, and pressed the Simplicitrix again. Her body shrunk, hair grew up and turned magenta. Her clothes turned into a red dress and she grew pink wings with purple spots. She flew up and looked down at her body. Gearo lunged towards Pesky Dust. She flew up and away, only to be grabbed by Gearo’s extended hand.]

Gearo: Little pest…

Pesky Dust: That’s pesk… as in… Pesky Dust!

[Pesky Dust pointed at Gearo, causing a red dust to surround him, making him fall asleep, and let go of Pesky Dust, who then flew off. Ultimate Rath walked up to Gearo, sighed in disappointment, picked him up, then walked off. Pesky Dust is shown flying through several alleys, then transforming back.]

Alexis: I don’t see why Alan hates Pesky Dust so much. That little fairy’s kinda usefu-

[Alexis was pulled back by her own hands, Alan behind her with his eyes glowing blue and voice still distorted.]

Alan: Don’t you ever say that about that… thing…

[Alexis broke free of Alan’s grasp, turning around to face him, causing her eyes to widen.]

Alexis: Alan...? What’s-

Alan: Wrong? What’s wro- What’s wron?! I’ll tell you... what’s wrong… You’re succubus powers… instincts… overwhelming… I can’t… control…

[Alan lunged at Alexis, trying to suck the energy from her. Alexis had noticeable fear in her eyes.]

Alexis: Look, Alan, you have to fight it… Don’t let it control you.

Alan: Easy for you… to say…

[Alexis sighed, pulled Alan closer, about an inch apart, and blue energy was transferred between their mouths, from Alan to Alexis. Alan slowly went down, more calm.]

Alexis: Better?

Alan: Yeah… Can… Can we get back to our own bodies now?

Alexis: Agreed.

[Back at the warehouse, Gearo was working on the machine with Richard watching.]

Richard: This had better be fixed. They must be eliminated.

Gearo: They will be.

[An explosion was heard, Gearo and Richard turned to see Alan and Eye Guy.]

Alan: Our old bodies. Now.

Richard: Never, brother. Or is it sister now? So difficult to tell.

Alan: I’ll take Richard, you take Gearo.

Eye Guy: Got it.

[Richard pressed the Negative Simplicitrix, and was transformed into Eatle. He jumped down to the ground. Eye Guy jumped on his face between his eyes, climbed up his horn, and jumped onto the platform where Gearo was. She began to shoot lasers at Gearo, causing him to back away from the machine in pain. Alan jumped in the same manner as Eye Guy, climed the horn, and pulled on it, causing Negative Eatle to fall backwards.]

Alan: Wow, Alexis is stronger than she looks.

[There was an aqua flash, and Negative Clockwork stood up.]

Alan: Great…

[Alan began to run as Negative Clockwork shot a time ray from his gears. Negative Clockwork stopped, moved a bit, and shot it again in front of Alan. Alan squatted slightly while running, causing him to slide under it. He jumped after sliding, grabbed onto a ledge, and pulled himself onto a platform. Negative Gutrot landed in front of him, only to be shot down by Eye Guy. Alan jumped down next to her, and began to fiddle with the Simplicitrix.]

Eye Guy: What are you doing?

Alan: Trying to see if I can change which alien you are. If Richard can do it…

[Alan pressed the Simplicitrix, and Eye Guy was changed into Nanomech.]

Alan: Fly in and change stuff around.

[Nanomech nodded and flew in. Richard landed behind Alan, who backed away from him. Inside the machine, Nanomech was changing around some of the wires.]

Nanomech: I wonder what happens if I cross these.

[The machine began whirring. Nanomech flew out, only to be hit by a red beam. Alan was also hit with the red beam. The beam stopped.]

Richard: And now… brother..

Alexis: That’s Alexis, Richard.

[Richard’s eyes widened. He was tapped on the shoulder. He turned around and looked down to see Mole-Stache.]

Mole-Stache: Excuse me, sir. I would suggest surrendering… [mustache turns into fists] Or I will have to pummel you.

Richard: Not today, Alan.

[Richard grabbed Mole-Stache’s mustache, and then threw him at Alexis, causing them to fall off the platform. He jumped down, transformed into Negative Rath, and then ran off.]

Mole-Stache: [stands up] I say, that was quite unprecedented. [mustache turns into stairs, holds arms out] Madame.

Alexis: Thanks.

[Alexis walked up the mustache to the platform, then pulled Mole-Stache up]

Mole-Stache: Now to be rid of this p-p-preposterous machine.

[Mole-Stache began to dismantle the machine with his mustache.]

[Later, Alan and Alexis were shown in Alan’s room.]

Alan: So did you like turning into aliens for a day?

Alexis: It was fun but… I’ll leave that to you. How did you like my powers?

Alan: ...No.

Alexis: You know you liked it.

Alan: I don’t like you using them on me, much less me using them.

Alexis: You’re right, you love me using them on you.

Alan: [blushing] That’s… ridiculous…

Alexis: You're blushing, that means you like it.

Alan: No, I don't!

Alexis: Mhm, sure. You love it and you know it.

Alan: [sighs] Shut up about it…

[At the warehouse that night, Gearo was shown getting up. A voice was heard.]

Voice: Doctor Gearo Morphanewal.

[Gearo turned to see Starbeard floating behind him.]

Gearo: Starbeard…

Starbeard: You have failed in your efforts. You will be going back to your cell. But you will not be alone for long.

Gearo: What do you mean?

Starbeard: We have one more person to obtain in this little crime spree you have started: Alan Nomaly.

[Episode ends.]

Major EventsEdit

  • Ultimate Rath debuts.
  • The Simplicitrix function to flip between transformations is shown for the first time.


  • Alan Nomaly
  • Alexis Dwyer
  • Starbeard


  • Dr. Gearo Morphanewal
  • Richard Nomaly

Aliens UsedEdit


  • Gutrot
  • Mole-Stache


  • Nanomech (2x; first time unintentional)
  • Pesky Dust
  • Eye Guy


  • Negative Rath (2x; second time cameo)
  • Ultimate Rath (debut)
  • Negative Eatle
  • Negative Clockwork
  • Negative Gutrot