TheBajanCanadian, alongside fellow Team Crafted members, battled the Yogscast in Team Crafted vs Yogscast. He voiced himself and was portrayed by his Minecraft skin.

Information on the RapperEdit

Mitchell "Mitch" Donald Hughes (Born March 3, 1994, age 21), who is known by his YouTube username TheBajanCanadian and nicknamed Benja. He is a Canadian video game commentator on YouTube best known for his Minecraft gameplay videos. He has been praised for his skills on "Minecraft: Hunger Games" and his ability to do parkour and give commentary at the same time. He was also part of a channel, Awesome Sauce Films, which he co-owns with fellow friends and YouTubers Jerome (JeromeASF) and Mat (TheNoochM). He plays with Robert (Mr. Woofless), Preston (TBNRfrags), Lachlan, and Vikkstar123, as well as Choco, PeteZahHutt, and xRpMx13. He refers to his subscribers as "doods". He now is part of the group known as The Pack consisting of BajanCanadian, JeromeASF, MrWoofless, PrestonPlayzMinecraft, Vikkstar123HD, and Lachlan (CraftBattleDuty).




  • He is the second Canadian rapper to appear, after Jim Carrey, and followed by Sips.