Team Crafted is a YouTube group comprised of SkyDoesMinecraft, TrueMU, SSundeeTheBajanCanadian, and ASFJerome. They battled the Yogscast in Team Crafted vs Yogscast. They were voiced by themselves and were portrayed by their Minecraft skins.

Information on the RappersEdit

Team Crafted is a group of Minecrafters that record Minecraft videos together on a regular basis. The members of the group have inspired thousands of people to make their own Minecraft YouTube channels, and some to even create their own YouTube groups. They even have a house together in Encino, California (thought to be located in Balboa Avenue), although the only people living there now are MinecraftUniverse and (former member) HuskyMUDKIPZ. It is currently unknown about the members of TeamCrafted.




  • Unlike their opponents, Team Crafted is no longer a group, as they have disbanded.