Nanomech A10 Char
General Information
Species 1/2 Nano Chip
1/2 Human
Body Humanoid insect
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Bio-Electrokinesis
Size Alteration
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
First Appearance TBA

Nanomech is the Simplicitrix's DNA sample of a Nano Chip.


Nanomech is about an inch tall at full size. He has light green skin. skin. Nanomech possesses red wings. His body is a carbon/silicon-based alloy. When flying, he has a red glow about him. He has feet that consist of three toes. He has glowing red shoulders and gauntlets. He has a red ring around his neck and a red waist. He wears the Simplicitrix on his face with four small red eyes around it.


  • Nanomech has the ability to fly. He is very agile, and his wings glow when he is airborne.
  • Nanomech can reduce his size, even to microscopic scales. He can return to his original size, but cannot grow any larger.
  • Nanomech can launch red bioelectrical energy from his hands, ranging in forms from beams to orbs.
  • Nanomech has the ability to adapt to his opponents.


  • Nanomech's size can be a problem if fighting larger opponents.


  • Nanomech appears in Five Nights at Tacopolis.
  • Nanomech cameos in A Scientific Fæble to ruin the inside of a criminal's car. He is later used to escape being hand cuffed to the bed.
  • Alexis unintnentionally was turned into Nanomech in Through Your Eyes when knocked over by Ultimate Rath, and was later used to mess with the wires of Gearo's machine to switch back to her normal body.
  • Nanomech is used in Darama Drama to sneak into the museum to look for clues.
  • Nanomech cameos in The Trial of Alan Nomaly when Alan is flipped through his transformations.