General Information
Species 1/2 TBA
1/2 TBA
Home World None
Body Four-armed, winged humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced stregth
Enhanced durability
Limited flight
Flame breath
Voice Actor Richard
Transformation Number  ???
First Appearance TBA

Kixxefier is a fusion of Kixx's and Liquefier's DNA. He can only be accessed by a broken Experimatrix or by the device of Alan 10,000.


Kixxefier's body is mainly that of Kixx with details of Liquefier. His face is black with red designs. On his head, he has both the ears from Kixx and Liquefier. He has Liquefier's tail and wings.


He has enhanced strength and durability due to Kixx.

He has the ability to melt almost anything and has flight due to Liquefier.


Due to Kixx's weight, his flight is limited.

Due to Liquefier's lack of muscle, his strength is limited.


  • He is similar to the Ben 10 fusion, Stink Arms, in the fact he is a mix of a heavy, four-armed alien and a light weight, flying alien.