General Information
Species TBA
Home World TBA
Body Four-armed Tasmanian devil
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hand-to-hand combat
Enhanced strength
Enhanced kick
Enhanced jump
Voice Actor Alanomaly
Transformation Number 601
First Appearance TBA

Kixx is a fure Experimatrix transformation. He is transformation 601.


Kixx is a large purple, muscular, beastly Tasmanian devil-like creature with a violet stomach, chest, ear insides and spots around his eyes, bulky legs and torso, four strong gorilla-like arms with three fingers on each paw, a blue oval spot on each elbow, short ears, hardly any neck, a wide mouth, a round nose and black eyes. He wears a black leotard with a red stripe down the middle, a red belt, and black pants that go to his ankles. The number 601 is on his belt.


Kixx has extreme strength, enhancing his punching, lifting, and kicking. His strength is enhanced by his extra arms.


His attacks can be countered easily.