Humungousaur Mutation
Humungousaur Mutation Black Background
General Information
Species Various
Home World None
Body Multilimbed humanoid dinosaur
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Omnipotent
Voice Actor Alan
Transformation Number None
First Appearance TBA

The Humungousaur Mutation is a mutated version of the Vaxasaurian DNA sample. He is only accessible through the Mutatrix.

Appearance Edit

The Humungousaur Mutation includes several different aliens:

  • Alien X: Lower right arm
  • Buzzshock: Bolts on upper right arm
  • Clockwork: Bolt on left chest
  • Ditto: Bolts on upper left arm
  • Eatle: Spike on right leg
  • Echo Echo: Headphone on left side of head
  • Ghostfreak: Upper left arm
  • Humungousaur: Body, Mutatrix placement, upper left arm coloration
  • Rath: Claw on lower left hand
  • Shocksquatch: Crest
  • Terraspin: Spots on right leg
  • Way Big: Left shoulder blade

Powers Edit

The Humungousaur Mutation is omnipotent due to having Celestialsapien DNA.