Season 1Edit

The Start of a New AdventureEdit

At about the time of Richard 10 removing his original Alpha-Omegatrix in the other universe, a new adventure begins in this universe when Alan Nomaly gets the Simplictrix.

Alan & Alexis' Extraterrestrial ExpeditionEdit

After Alan reveals the secret of the Simplicitrix to Alexis, she is put into danger when the creator of the Simplicitrix is sent to Earth to obtain and destroy it.

Learning the RopesEdit

Alexis helps Alan to learn how to control his aliens more easily, bringing about the idea of Alan using his new found powers to help people.

Five Nights at TacopolisEdit

Alan and Alexis take on the night shift at Tacopolis, only to find out there is an evil lurking inside.

The Smell of Victory is SweetEdit

A new enemy emerges, planning to use a pheromone to control all humans in order to obtain the technology he needs to return to his home planet. Fortunately, there is one person immune: Alexis.

O' Brother, What Art ThouEdit

Alan begins to be blamed for crimes being committed by his aliens. When digging a little deeper, the true culprit turns out to be someone very close to him.

A Scientific FaebleEdit

When an alien scientist crash lands on Earth, he takes immediate, and questionable, interest in Alexis’ succubus abilities.

Through Your EyesEdit

In a failed attempt to eliminate Alan and Alexis, Gearo and Richard end up switching their bodies instead, causing Alan and Alexis to have to learn how to use each others’ abilities.

Darama DramaEdit

When a mutated Vulpimancer becomes interested in an ancient technology, Alan and Alexis must prevent him from getting his paws on it, but what happens when their city is put in danger?

The Trial of Alan NomalyEdit

Alan is put on trial by the Celestialsapiens for thievery and ownership of the Simplicitrix.

Season 2Edit

A Glitch in the Matrix Part 1Edit

When the Simplicitrix malfunctions, many of Alan’s aliens escape, including some of his most powerful ones.

A Glitch in the Matrix Part 2Edit

While Alan is in search of his alien forms, Alexis digs up some information on the source of the malfunction that allowed them to escape.

Faal Dovahkiin BoEdit

During a freak storm, Alan and Alexis get sucked into the medieval world of Skyrim.

An Anurable MissionEdit

A glitch in the Simplicitrix leaves Alan to transform into monster aliens, and he has no way to keep them under control.

My Dear NemuinaEdit

A rogue alien hellbent on the destruction of the fairy-like species Nemuinas comes to town, leaving Alan with the most difficult choice of his life.


During a fight, the Simplicitrix becomes broken, leaving Alan in the form of Ditto, and unable to go back into one clone, and leaving Alexis to have to deal with the three different personalities.

The Awakening from a Living NightmareEdit

A Nemuina-Darkillude hybrid seeks revenge on Alan for changing her, resulting in Alexis being stuck in a permanent nightmare.

Days of Future PresentEdit

A lonely Alan 10 fanboy from the future comes to the past and kidnaps Alexis, and he’s equipped with his own device.

The Al-Ternate Universes Part 1Edit

Many versions of Alan’s aliens suddenly begin appearing, only to end up being Alan himself, but from other universes, and they aren’t good.

The Al-Ternate Universes Part 2Edit

When the Al-Ternates get out of Alan’s control, they turn to the universe without a Simplicitrix, leaving Alan with one choice: Rounding up the good versions of him from other universes.

Season 3Edit

Breaking Bad AlanEdit

In the first step of thwarting Richard, Alan goes to a universe where the Alan lost Alexis, and meets up with an enemy he thought was lost in time.

Day of the Al-UndeadEdit

Alan steps into an apocalyptic world, with his alternate counterpart trapped in a containment facility due to being infected by a zombie virus.

You Havin' A Giggle, Mate?Edit

Alan travels to the steampunk-style universe of Warlord Nomaly to continue to stop Richard’s plot. Meanwhile, Alexis has to deal with an old friend of Alan’s.

The Emo Among UsEdit


Al n' Alexis 10Edit




Richard 10: The Alan-OmegaverseEdit

Something to do with both Daramas



The End of the Journey Part 1Edit


The End of the Journey Part 2Edit