Alexis Seduces Alan (Alan & Alexis' Extraterrestrial Expedition)Edit

[Alan and Alexis are shown sitting in a cafe across from each other. Alan is eating two waffles and Alexis is eating some donuts, both of them are drinking cold coffee. As Alan reaches for his drink, Alexis sees the Simplicitrix.]

Alexis (curious): Where'd you get that watch? You didn't have it yesterday.

Alan (nervous): Oh, um. I, um...

Alexis: Hmm?

Alan: Uhh... Dad gave it to me.

Alexis: No, he didn't. You're lying, I can tell. You have a specific look in your eye when you lie.

Alan (more nervous): I have no idea what you're talking about.

[Alexis puts her hand on Alan's cheek, her eyes fade from brown to bright blue.]

Alexis:Yes, you do.

Alan (worried): [Lightly moans.] Don't you dare...

[Alexis slowly pulls Alan in and kisses his lips quickly and seductively, pushes him back to where he was, then her eyes change back to brown, leaving Alan's face very red.]

Alexis: What were you saying?

Alan: [Is in a slight daze] Uhh...

Alexis: [snaps fingers] Hey! Alan!

Alan: [Refocuses] Oh, um, what were we talking about?

Alexis: The watch. Where did you get it?

Alan: I already told you.

Alexis: I asked for where you got the watch, not a lie. Tell me or I do it again.

Alan (annoyed): Ugh... Fine.