General Information
Species TBA
Home World TBA
Body Humanoid wombat with blades
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Wrist blades
Neck blades
Enhanced speed
Enhanced strength
Limited flight
Voice Actor Alanomaly
Transformation Number 515
First Appearance TBA

Deforestator is the seventh Experimatrix transformation. He is transformation 515.


Deforestator is a big purple roughly wombat-like creature about three feet tall with dark purple markings on his arms and back, long blade-like claws on his front paws and a blade-like neck. He wears a black leotard with a red spot corresponding to his stomach pattern. The number 515 is on his stomach.


Deforestator can spin into a razor-sharp tornado that can cut through most substances. His claws and neck can function like a chainsaw, allowing him to spin at high speed, and he can fly.