Historical Assassins vs Assassin's Creed
Assassins History vs Creed
Battle information
Release date September 21, 2015
Number 11
Previous Ben 10 vs The Doctor 2 (Between Season Sequel)
Next Kate Upton vs Marilyn Monroe
Other information
Rappers John wilkes booth131120 SPEC LeeHarveyOswald.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeNathuram-godseDisplay-3257Ezio-assassins-creed-16328071-320-480Altair hood 7B8e4de92eab1fa3357f94165780dd88bTumblr inline mi640l5lDQ1qz4rgp
Location(s) Historical Landmarks

Assassins Historical vs Creed is the eleventh installment of Alanomaly Rap Battles and is the season 2 premiere. It features Historical Assassins (John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Nathuram Godse, and Brutus) battling the assassins of Assassin's Creed (Ezio, Altaïr, Connor, and Edward).


('Note'John Wilkes Booth's lyrics are tan, Lee Harvey Oswald's are orange, Nathuram Godse's are brown, Brutus' are gold, Altaïr's are green, Ezio's are aqua, Connor's are turquoise, and Edward's are teal.)


Historical AssassinsEdit

Drive up in my Ford, leave a bullet in your head!

I don't play games but I can still leave you dead.

I'm a professional actor, I put emotion in my words,

Drop you with headshots, point blank, and stab wounds

We're killing it on the mic, like we did to all our leaders,

From Lincoln to Kennedy to Gandhi to Caesar,

And we're burning all your villages

With rhymes that are Limited Edition!

Assassin's CreedEdit

I've lived my life as possibly best, no clue of the purpose,

But now I realize we must crush these germs that have surfaced.

You're pitiful killers, only the novice of assassins.

You need to step off and have a quest for redemption.

Leave you in a worse condition than my internal struggle,

We're masters of the mic and parkour, all you four do is stumble.

You've had real kills but we've created a larger impact,

If you think this war's over, you better rethink the facts!

Historical AssassinsEdit

Travel down a road with me, you'll be shrouded in darkness,

I leave blood splattered on the walls like an assassin artist!

I'm all for slaves, so I oppose your ability to succeed,

Throw you back into that world with the Washington King!

Patience, brothers, while I update Edward's wiki page,

Is Haythem truly your son, or was there a mix-up in the names?

I took part in an assassination set up by the government,

While you didn't mean to be an assassin, your success was an accident!

You halted Genghis Khan, but you'll never stop me,

I'll march into Syria and shoot up the Assassin Territory!

If you're a true Master, why don't you have killer lines?

I'll shoot Desmond dead and disrupt your bloodline!

You've got the most impact now but I'll leave a Marcus on you,

You're in the real world now, this ain't Assassin's Creed II!

You're written off as too modern, like an Italian Clay,

Alla fine ti verrà chiedendo "E tu, Brute?"

Assassin's CreedEdit

I'll marble bust up your lip and give you my scar,

Lead you to a death like you were Julius C-zar!

You'll fail more than your marriage according to Cicero,

And leave you pursuiting me like my name was Scipio!

And you killed a man who was highly respected,

Brought freedom to your country, but you still resented

His attitude in life, as if he was a Templar,

I'll lock you in a cell as if your name was Shankar

My rhymes shoot sharp like a bullet in your head,

I'll drop you from a Booth with no hay to ensure that you're dead!

I got a hatchet in one hand, with some sharp tricks up my sleeves,

I throw you off a boat like you were Boston Tea!

I died after years of my several kills

You died in the next two days, buried on Rose Hill

You call yourself a killer? All I see is a patsy

With a mugshot horrible to make Lohan look less trashy


The death of Ezio shall be painted in blood by Camuccini,

You can't even try to hide in the croud like you were Houdini,

Or maybe I should have it be painted by your friend, Leonardo,

And I'll stab you twenty-three times, hand, leg, and heart! (Oh!)


You cannot possibly be honorable, you didn't let Julius' last words be known,

I'll rule over you like you were Monteriggioni, you're being Mari-owned.

You're not a honorable Roman man, you're a peasant who gave up,

You should make like Giovanni's hidden blade, and shape up!

[Brutus runs over to Ezio, and stabs him repeatedly. Brutus steps back, then runs at him again, only to run into Ezio's hidden blade. Brutus falls over dead. Ezio is mortally wounded, a stab wound being in a chamber of his heart, causing him to have a heart attack and fall over dead, desynchronized.]

Nathuram GodseEdit

I'll leave you with bullet holes like the dots above your "i,"

Leave you searching a year for me, a redo of the Hunt in Tyre,

I'll plot your assassination with Narayan Apte of Eden,

You should be running out of Faith, so I suggest you start Leapin!


Nathuram, this battle is our first but shall also be our last!

You could be transferred and I'd still kick your Mahar-ass!

You're a traitor, I'll hunt you down by Masya-elf,

And kill you in front of me, in the city of New Dehl!

[Altaïr runs up a wall, drops down a rope, and throws it around the neck of Godse, and pulls up. As he is choking, Godse pulls out a gun, and shoots Altaïr down, shooting three times. Altaïr staggers back, falling backwards into a chair surrounded by books. The both of them slowly die.]

Lee Harvey OswaldEdit

I'll court to your wife and bring her back to my Plaza,

You're facing a sharpshooter by the name of Oswaldskovicha!

I've made up my mind, you'll be shot dead if you step into Misk,

A pirate or a rebel? I went against my country for the Communists!


Shut up while you can, I'm a pirate killer with a legacy,

You're a traitor like your Brute friend, fly back to Helsinki,

Or I'll shoot my cannons at you, your boat has started sinking,

But now you'll die like the rest, your soul will now be Lee-ving!

[Edward walks towards Oswald, pulling out a gun. While doing this, Oswald punches Edward's face, then rips a sword from him, and impales him. While being killed, Edward shoots Oswald several times over while impaled, and both fall to the ground dead.]

John Wilkes BoothEdit

I'll denunciate you like I did to our president,

I do what I set out to do, just like a true Confederate,

You're a creation unwanted, I'm Port Royal like Will Smith,

And you'll never stand a chance when you step to John Wilkes!


Call me Rock-onhnhaké:ton, cause I rock this mic!

You need some Tutoring Hall so you can learn how to live a better life!

You choose to still fight me, you got no help from your Academy,

Bitch, I'm from the colonies, you can't tame me!

[Connor slices Haytham's throat to his right, axes Charles to the left, and then points the gun at Booth, who is pointing a gun at him as well. A gunshot is heard and the screen is covered in smoke.]


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  • Despite the Assassin's Creed assasins having been real, they were most likely not actual assassins in history, therefore they are differentiated as such.