A Scientific Fæble
Season 1, Episode 7
Written by Alan
Directed by Alan
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A Scientific Fæble is the seventh episode of The Alan 10 Adventures.


[A ship was shown falling through the night sky, smoking from the rear. It crashed in the woods. Inside, a small, tan, frog-like humanoid alien was looking at a screen.]

Alien: Ugh… [looks at damages to interior of ship] If the damages in here are this great, I can only imagine those of the outside. Well, while I’m here, I may as well discover what Earth might have to offer. Computer, scan for sapient species other than Galvan and Homosapien.

[The computer screen lit up, revealing three spots in the immediate area.]

Alien: Hmm, let’s see. Galvanic Mechamorph, well we created those. Vulpimancers? Too uncivilized. Hmm, what’s this? [presses third dot, screen lights up showing DNA strand and data] No… Impossible. Those are only myths, fables, I- Oh… I see. When translated to Earth English… “Fæble”... That’s no “a”... She is a species of fæ… a Succubus… I must find her.


[The next day, Rath was shown punching a giant, bird-like creature in an alley. A siren was heard behind him. He turned to see cop cars. A few cops stepped out, one going towards Rath, who growled at them.]

Cop: Alright, tiger, calm it down, and give us the bird.

Rath: Believe me, I’d love to, but the BTFF censored won’t allow it.

Cop: [eyes widen, offended] That is a federal offense.

Rath: Well, good thing I didn’t actually do it then, isn’t it?

Cop: I… Well… When you put it that way…

Rath: Uh-huh.

[Rath picked up the bird, then jumped onto the building next to him, then jumped off again, leaving the cops puzzled. Alexis was shown on her laptop on Alan’s porch. The bird was dropped next to the porch, Rath landing behind it and transforming back.]

Alan: Got dinner.

Bird: Hey!

Alan: I’m kidding, bird brains. No offense.

Bird: [squawk] How is that not offensi- Oooooh….

[Alexis was shown stroking the feathers of the bird, her eyes glowing blue. The bird then fell asleep. Alan scoffed and had a disgusted look.]

Alexis: What?

Alan: Using your seductive powers on a bird… [shudders]

Alexis: [smirks] Jealous that I’m not doing it to you?

Alan: [blushes] That’s ridiculous, why would I-

[Alan let out a slight sigh as Alexis touched his cheek.]

Alexis: You were saying?

Alan: [grabs her wrist, pulls her hand away.] Stop it.

Alexis: You like it.

Alan: Whatever.

Alexis: How about instead of standing around in denial you go take care of some more criminals? Considering how much crime has escalated recently…

[Alan smirked. This begins playing. Alan slams the Simplicitrix. Criminals are shown running through the streets, only to be stopped by Gutrot, who shot gas at them. Rath was then shown throwing two crooks into a dumpster. Criminals were running out of the back of a bank, only to see Alan. Alan slammed the Simplicitrix and turned into Clockwork and shot time rays. A criminal was shown cowering in fear in an alley, being cornered by ChamAlien. Pesky Dust was shown putting criminals to sleep, Ripjaws shown punching criminals in a boat, Eatle shooting a laser at criminals in a warehouse, Eye Guy freezing criminals in a store, Nanomech stopping a criminal’s car from the inside, only to have Mole-Stache throw away the car with the criminal tied up. During the counting sequence, the icons were shown in this order: Eatle, Nanomech, Clockwork, Gutrot, Pesky Dust, Mole-Stache, Ripjaws, Eye Guy, ChamAlien, and ending on Rath.]

[Alan was seen walking into his house, breathing heavily.]

Alexis: You alright?

Alan: Never been better. Anything else?

Alexis: Well… There is.. one thing.

Alan: What is it?

Alexis: [pulls up laptop] This. Crashed in the woods last night. Wanna check it out?

Alan: Uh… Well… Alright. Come on, let’s go.

Alexis: “Let’s”? You’re letting me come with you? Really?

Alan: Yeah, I don’t see why not.

Alexis: Finally. [smiles]

[Alexis got up and the two walked out. They were later shown on the street above where the ship crashed. There were police lines and cars, but no police.]

Alan: Where is everybody? I figured cops would be swarming this place like ants on a bread crumb.

Alexis: I dunno.

[Alexis walked forward to the ship. Alan began to follow, only to hear a loud beeping sound. Alexis turned to him, only to see him disappear in a green flash.]

Alexis: Alan!

Voice: Hello?

[Alexis turned around, to see the small alien climbing out of the ship, leaving her speechless.]

Alien: Ah, first contact!

[Alexis was left unable to talk, just staring at the alien. The scene changed to Alan, who was on a technological yet swampy terrain. More of the alien species were flying around.]

Alien Guard 1: Another human. What’s with them today?

Alien Guard 2: Dunno. Let’s nab em.

Alan: Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

[Alan slammed on the Simplicitrix. His body grew rounder, skin being replaced by a magenta metal. His chest opened up as gears rotated into place. His head changed to be more flat as a gear grew onto his head.]

AG 2: Look out, he’s got Galvanic technology! Neutralize him!

[AG 1 pulled out a device. Just as he began to activate it, Clockwork slowed down time, then turned to the device that brought him there, and picked it up.]

Clockwork: Alright, time to fiddle with this.

[Alexis was still staring at the small crash-landed alien.]

Alexis: Who… what… are you?

Alien: I am Doctor Cerebronittion, a Galvan. I hail from the planet Galvan Prime.

Alexis: Right… I’m Alexis.

Cerebronittion: Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Alexis.

Alexis: Right back at you… What are you doing here?

Cerebronittion: I was coming to study lifeforms other than humans. I had my scanners check for anything non-Galvan and non-human.

Alexis: [nervous] And…?

Cerebronittion: I found Galvanic Mechamorph, which I already know plenty about, as well as Vulpimancers, which are far too difficult to study. But two things intrigued me: Some species appeared then disappeared, and one species is constant, but is said to be a myth.

Alexis: Right. Sorry to interrupt but um… Where did my friend go?

Cerebronittion: Probably was teleported to my home planet. I set up a teleport trap for anything that is non-Galvan and anything that isn’t what I’m looking fo- [eyes widen, eyes shift towards Alexis] You got past my trap… Are you… Fæ?

[Alexis sighed and nodded. Cerebronittion grinned suspiciously. Back on Galvan Prime, Clockwork was messing with the trap still. He moved slightly to dodge the laser that the Galvan shot at him. He pressed a button on the device, and was instantly transported back, time going back to normal. Alexis and Cerebronittion turned to see him, just as he transformed back.]

Alexis: Alan!

Cerebronittion: Fascinating... A human that can switch to alien species!

[Alexis ran up and hugged Alan, who looked at Cerebronittion.]

Alan: Who’s the frog?

Alexis: [stops hugging, pulls Alan to the ship] Alan, Cerebronittion. Cerebronittion, Alan.

Cerebronittion: Greetings.

Alan: Pleasure. [sarcastic tone]

Cerebronittion: Right, now, Alexis, if you wouldn’t mind…

Alan: Uh, what does he mean by that?

Alexis: He’s gonna do a study on me since succubus are a type of fæ which according to science don’t exist.

Alan: Riiight...

[Alan grabbed Alexis’ arm and pulled her to the side, away from the ship.]

Alexis: Ow! What was that for?

Alan: Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt you. But um… Don’t you remember the last two times an alien crash landed to Earth? One held you hostage on a boat and could very well kill you-

Alexis: And the other I held my own against while your Simplicitrix was recharging, not to mention he was in control of your human form. I can handle myself Alan.

Alan: I know… I know.

[Alan looked away slightly, refusing to make eye contact.]

Alexis: What?

Alan: Nothing just… Give this some thought first. Please.

Alexis: Deal.

[Cerebronittion cleared his throat. Alexis walked back over to him.]

Alexis: I’m gonna take some time to think it over. I’ll get back to you when I make a decision.

Cerebronittion: Of course. Take your time.

[Alexis smiled, then walked off with Alan. Cerebronittion walked back into his ship, only to kick some rubble.]

Cerebronittion: That transforming pest. He’s getting in the way of progress. I will have that succubus’ powers if it’s the last thing I do!

[Alan is shown walking past his door, only to be pulled in by Alexis, who shut the door by pushing him into it.]

Alan: Ugh.. I told you not to do tha-

[Alexis was holding his face, her eyes glowing blue.]

Alan: Alexis I… I um..

Alexis: Shut up. You like it.

[Alexis threw him onto the bed, then layed on top of him, eyes still glowing blue.]

Alan: Yeah… Yeah I do. I like it a lot.

[Alexis smiled, then handcuffed Alan’s wrists to the head of the bed.]

Alan: [slight grin] Let’s get this going.

Alexis: [leans down to ear, whispers] Maybe next time. [gets up, eyes go back to brown.]

Alan: [eyes widen, furious] You did not just do that.

[Alexis smiled. She dropped some keys, which fell into vent. She began to walk off.]

Alexis: My decision, Alan. I can take care of myself.

Alan: I hate you so much right now.

Alexis: I know. [exits room, leaving a distraught Alan]

[Cerebronittion was sitting in his ship, only to have Alexis come in.]

Alexis: Told you I’d keep in touch.

Cerebronittion: Ah, yes, Alexis the Succubus.

Alexis: Cerebronittion the Galvan. [looks around] Looks… Bigger on the inside.

Cerebronittion: Yes. Technology I gained from a two-hearted being.

Alexis: Right… Let’s get this started.

Cerebronittion: But of course. Take a seat.

[Alexis sat down in a surprisingly large chair. Suddenly, her legs and arms were wrapped up, and a large device was set on her head. She grunted, trying to escape.]

Alexis: I thought you were… going to… study me...

Cerebronittion: Yes. I did say that. But that’s my euphemism for “taking your power for my own.” Say goodbye, succubus!

[Cerebronittion pressed a button, causing the device on her head to light up, hurting her. Meanwhile, Alan was adjusting his right wrist, until finally hearing the activation sound.]

Alan: Yes! Now give me someone who can get out of here!

[Alan pressed it against the wall, transforming into Nanomech, who flew off the bed and out the top of the door. Alexis was struggling, and lost strength with each struggle.]

Cerebronittion: I will be able to do anything! Hahhahahaha!

[There was a banging outside.]

Cerebronittion: WHO IS IT?!

Voice: Rip!

Cerebronittion: Rip… who?

[The door busted down, showing Ripjaws to be there.]

Ripjaws: Rip as in Ripjaws, and also as in RIP in Peace if you don’t let Alexis go.

Cerebronittion: Never! The succubus’ power will be mine!

Ripjaws: [slams hand on desk, knocking Cerebronittion down] I said. Let. Her. Go.

Cerebronittion: And I said no.

[Cerebronittion grabbed a device and fired at Ripjaws, shocking him. As he fell over from the shock, his claws ripped the cords connecting to the device on Alexis’ head, turning it off.]

Cerebronittion: You did not just…

Alexis: Ugh… [gets up]

[Ripjaws transformed back into Alan.]

Alexis: What are you-

Alan: Not now. [turns to Cerebronittion] You. Get out of here.

Cerebronittion: How dare you talk to me that way! Do you know who I am?!

Alan: Yeah. You’re a Galvan who tries to fool innocents into letting you take their power. I was right to distrust you. I’ve already had enough bad experiences with aliens, they never turn out to be trustworthy. I’m not gonna say it again, Cerebronittion. Get out of here. I’m giving you until sundown. If you don’t get out of here, I’ll do it for you, and trust me, you don’t want me doing it for you.

Cerebronittion: But my ship is beyond repairs...

Alan: Gone by sundown, or I get you gone.

[Alan walked out, followed by Alexis. Before they get into the house, Alexis grabbed him by the arm and turned him around.]

Alexis: What the hell was that?!

Alan: What?

Alexis: I told you to stay behind, I even handcuffed you to be sure you wouldn’t come after me. I can handle myself, damnit.

Alan: I know… I know.

Alexis: What’s with you recently? Ever since you got that thing you’ve been acting weird. I mean you were always protective in a caring way but now-

Alan: Now I have an actual way to protect the things I love, that’s what’s different.

[Alexis was left speechless.]

Alan: Yeah, I love you. There, I admitted it. I’m acting different because I have an actual way to protect what I love, and that sure as hell includes you. [slight voice crack, eyes slightly watering] So if that’s a problem then I’m sorry for caring…

[Alan walked inside. Alexis had a blank look on her face, mouth agape.]

[Meanwhile, Cerebronittion was walking through the woods away from his ship. He was stopped by a strange figure.]

Cerebronittion: Who… What…

Figure: I think you know who I am, Cerebronittion.

Cerebronittion: What do you want, Mischife?

Troobel: A simple… alliance.

Cerebronittion: Does it include eliminating that pest, Alan Nomaly?

Troobel: Him, his friend, and many, many more.

Cerebronitton: I’ll probably regret this…

Troobel: Oh trust me, you won’t. [evil smile]

Major EventsEdit

  • Alan and Alexis meet Jail Berd and Dr. Cerebronittion for the first time.
  • Alan admits his feelings for Alexis.
  • General Troobel Mischife appears for the first time, and starts an alliance with Dr. Cerebronittion.
  • Many criminals learn that Alan is the aliens.


  • Alan Nomaly
  • Alexis Dwyer
  • Galvan Guards
  • Cops


  • Dr. Cerebronittion
  • Jail Berd
  • Criminals (cameos)
  • General Troobel Mischife

Aliens UsedEdit


  • When Rath says “Believe me, I’d love to but the BTFF censors won’t allow it” it is a reference to the Animaniacs when Yakko Warner says “Believe me, we’d love to but the Fox censors won’t allow it.”
  • Cerebronittion’s ship being bigger on the inside because of the help of a two-hearted being is a reference to the TARDIS and Doctor from Doctor Who.
  • The device which gets sat on Alexis’ head in Cerebronittion’s ship looks similar to Doc Brown’s mind reading device from Back to the Future.
  • When Ripjaws said “RIP in Peace” it was a reference to the RIP in Peace internet meme which means “Rest in Peace in Peace”.
  • Troobel’s smile is a reference to the Chesire Cat’s smile from Alice in Wonderland. The same goes for ChamAlien’s smile when he is cornering a criminal.


  • This is the first episode to include all unlocked transformations at the time the episode takes place.