ASFJerome, alongside fellow Team Crafted members, battled the Yogscast in Team Crafted vs Yogscast. He voiced himself and was portrayed by his Minecraft skin.

Information on the RapperEdit

Jerome Robert Aceti (born March 9, 1994), better known by his online aliases JeromeASF and ASFJerome, is a 21 year-old (He were born 9th day of March 1994, 6 days after BajanCanadian) American YouTuber that primarily posts Minecraft let's plays and minigames. Jerome is a member of Team Power Moves along with xRpMx13, BajanCanadian and few other people, in 'The Pack', a group with the BajanCanadian, Vikkstar123, Lachlan, Prestonplayz,and Woofless. He is also well known for founding the Call of Duty channel with friend and fellow Youtuber BajanCanadian he collaborates with in many of his videos. This channel later came to include TheNoochM.




  • Although he is human, he was portrayed by his Minecraft skin which is Chewbacca in a tuxedo.
  • He is the first rapper with a sort of disability, as he is colorblind.